Julia Fairlight
Julia Faussone Voice Studio


"Julia helped me approach singing again with such kindness, patience, and joy. Not only does she understand technique proficiently, Julia can quickly guide you on a journey of understanding your vocal instrument both spiritually, emotionally, and professionally." 
- Julia's Student, Leah


Let Your Voice Shine Bright


Julia Faussone teaches students of all ages at beginning levels and is located in San Ramon, California.


From children to teens and adults, beginners who have never sang before or singers looking for inspiration, Julia's goal is to build your instrument so you can play it reliably with passion, ease and freedom.


Not only does Julia teach her students to sing but she also mentors students, providing guidance in setting artistic goals and creating an action plan to achieve those dreams.

Julia was recently featured on the cover of the Pasadena Weekly who praised her as an inspiring voice to watch. She began singing professionally at the age of 10 and after a childhood blossoming on the eclectic San Francisco Theatre scene, she studied at the prestigious UCLA School of Theatre, Television & Film. She recently released her debut album of her original songs and is now working on her next album.  She also specializes in encouraging and developing young songwriters as her students write and record their own songs. 


"By building a healthy foundation my students feel free to express, play, dream big. Singing is more than making a beautiful sound, your voice is you. It would be an honor to work with you in finding and developing your unique voice."
- Julia Faussone