Studio Policy

Julia Faussone Voice Studio Policy


Welcome! I look forward to singing with you! Lessons are taught either at my studio in San Ramon, CA or via Zoom.

Please Note: As of March 15th all lessons are currently taught online through Zoom! This is a wonderful way to begin or continue singing lessons while we all work & study from home! 

These policies allow us to work in harmony towards achieving your dreams and goals. I am always open to your thoughts, questions and feedback as your progress and growth is my primary purpose. Thank you! 


Studio Policy


You have committed to abiding by these policies by booking lessons with me. Please review them carefully before we begin our work together. Thank you!

My rates for this year are as follows:

Students are encouraged to take weekly lessons to continue growing the voice.

Lessons are $120 for a one hour lesson
or $60 for a 30 minute lesson. 

I am currently running the following lesson package specials. Lesson packages are paid for up front and can be used within 6 months of purchase. 

6 Lesson Package:

Six one hour lessons: $480 ($80/lesson)
Six 30 minute lessons: $270 ($45/lesson)

You CAN sing! If you have always wanted to sing but have felt fearful or hesitant I would absolutely love to encourage and guide you in this 6 week course towards freeing your voice! Our goal is to have you singing a song you love- with confidence, grace and an open heart. I feel especially passionate about being a safe, nurturing guide for new singers or singers who need  a compassionate positive teacher. Singing is medicine and can heal the heart. Your voice is connected to your heart and soul. We receive many messages that tell us who can or can't sing and what a "good" voice sounds like however I know with all of my heart that anyone CAN sing and will benefit from freeing the song inside your soul. 



Payment is due at the time of booking your lesson. I will send an invoice and your lesson time is confirmed when payment is made.


I accept payment through Venmo.


Attendance & Cancelation Policy

Students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons. If necessary, call to cancel 24 hours in advance and a student can schedule a make-up lesson. Please note that payment is owed for lessons canceled fewer than 3 days in advance. Thank you for your understanding!