Praise from Julia's Students:

"I hadn't taken a voice lesson in over five years. And honestly, I don't think I would have taken a lesson from anyone but Julia Faussone. For me, I lost my desire and passion for singing because of some trauma in my teen years. Singing was always something I loved, and something I always wanted to return to. Julia helped me approach singing again with such kindness, patience, and joy. Not only does she understand technique proficiently, Julia can quickly guide you on a journey of understanding your vocal instrument both spiritually, emotionally, and professionally. I conquered my first voice lesson in years because of Julia. I'm so grateful that she is my voice teacher! Do yourself a favor and let Julia help you find your voice. " -Leah

"I’ve always wanted to learn to sing, but felt cautious and shy about expressing myself through song. Luckily I found Julia to guide me through not only learning to use my voice, but also making me feel comfortable with her encouragement and gracious presence. After only a few sessions working with Julia, I not only feel more confident singing, but I know how to use - and protect - my vocal cords as I sing. I look forward to my sessions with Julia as I learn something different each time and am able to further refine my own process of finding the song within me. Julia is professional, experienced, talented, patient and an excellent teacher. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a voice teacher to inspire and help them grow vocally." - Lara

"Had my first ever one-on-one vocal/singing lesson last night and It was incredibly fun (I giggled a lot), boosted my confidence and made me start to believe that I can sing and that my voice is pretty! Thank you so much, Julia! Such an amazing teacher!" - Rebecca