Julia on the cover of Pasadena Weekly
" In a music world where there are far too many Auto-Tune voices and far too few genuine singing talents, Pasadena is fortunate to have a burgeoning pop powerhouse right in its city limits."-Pasadena Weekly
⭐️Soulful singer/songwriter, Julia Faussone is bringing a welcome dose of emotional, inspiring music to her fans. Passionately following her dreams, she inspires others to do the same with compassion, love & acceptance.

Her debut album, Midnight Muse, is now out on iTunes. As well as her celebrated original holiday single, My Bright Star.


Julia grew up in the Bay Area town of Redwood City, in a house filled with music. She fell in love with singers such as Etta James and Aretha Franklin before adding a passion for country singers including Linda Ronstadt, Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton to her personal playlist.

embarked on a west coast tour, The Stardust & Stagecoach Tour, last spring and is an inspiring artist to watch.